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Practical Implementation of Artificial Intelligence
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Applied AI is dedicated to applying proven methods and models to address specific goals, solving real-world problems with precision. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate AI solutions into your operational landscape, unlocking the potential for enhanced production processes, optimized tasks, and the attainment of specific business objectives.

This diversity allows us to combine multiple models, enabling us to analyze a broader range of information. The result is a comprehensive understanding that fosters innovation, efficiency, and tangible impact across your business operations.

Our expertise spans various applications, from object recognition and scene understanding through computer vision to sensory devices.

Applied AI is the future of work. It's already changing the way businesses operate, and it's only going to become more powerful in the years to come.

Applied AI Services

Computer Vision

Effortlessly integrate advanced visual capabilities, including object recognition and tracking, quality control, label detection, and comprehensive video or image analysis to automate processes and achieve enhanced operational efficiency.

Language models

Apply advanced language models for sentiment analysis, efficient document processing, chatbots and virtual assistants, text classification, and natural language generation leading to improved communication and strategic advantage.

Radar Toolbox

The system detects and analyzes movement in real-time, identifying key areas with increased activity, such as popular zones in retail stores or high-traffic transportation points. Through model training, Radar Toolbox can even recognize and classify types of vehicles, providing valuable data for space optimization and customer interaction enhancement.

Key Features

Automation of production processes

Applied AI facilitates the automation of production, reducing reliance on manual labor and optimizing operational workflows.

Enhanced operational efficiency

With computer vision and language models, operational processes are streamlined, resulting in increased efficiency and smoother task execution.

Strategic market advantages

Leveraging AI technologies provides strategic advantages in the market, allowing your business to stay competitive and adapt to industry trends fast and effectively.

Deeper customer insights

Language models enable the extraction of valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and actions, fostering a deeper understanding of the customer base.

Increased productivity and quality

Computer vision contribute to increased productivity and improved product quality by automating tasks and refining manufacturing processes.

Our approach


Design thinking process to inspire, discover and formalize ideas into concepts.


Build of MVP based on selected formalized concepts to prove values. Methodology used is typically based on design sprints.


Based on MVP a formalized product is developed using Agile sprint methodology.

Fully managed product

Design thinking process to inspire, discover and formalize ideas into concepts.

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