Intelligent Factory Line Clearance

Increasing the quality and speed of Line Clearance
using AI & AR
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In pharmaceutical manufacturing, line clearance is a crucial step to guarantee that every production line is free from leftover materials and contaminants. Traditionally, this process is time consuming and expensive in manufacturing downtime. However, leveraging our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our team has successfully reduced the time by 50%.

Our specialized team excels in seamlessly integrating IT into OT, enabling the implementation of innovations without disrupting manufacturing processes.

This innovation is seamlessly integrated without the need to halt production.

Key Features

Reducing inspection time by 50%

Experience a revolutionary shift where less manpower is required for inspection, making the process simpler and faster for your team.

Increase productivity

This efficiency boost empowers the facility to package and deliver a substantially larger quantity of products within the same timeframe, contributing to increased productivity and ensuring the timely delivery of essential pharmaceuticals.

Automated documentation

Eliminate manual efforts, reduce the likelihood of errors, and ensure accurate and instant generation of necessary reports and documentation, saving valuable time and enhancing operational reliability.

Line Clearance procedure and reconciliation in GMP

In accordance with US FDA CFR 211 and international GMPs, our procedures ensure the use of correct labels, labeling, and packaging materials in drug production. Emphasizing prevention of mix-ups and cross-contamination, we employ measures such as physical separation from other drug product operations.

International GMPs underscore minimizing the risk of cross-contamination, mix-ups, or substitution during packaging operations. Our line clearance procedure includes steps like cleaning the area and machines, removing previous products and waste, reconciling printed materials, and thorough documentation, aligning with stringent regulatory standards for pharmaceutical production.

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Experience a transformation in your manufacturing process with our Intelligent Line Clearance solution. Witness a significant 50% reduction in line clearance time.

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