Modern Workspace Management

Centralized digital desktop for performing tasks across various business processes.
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Modern Workspace is an approach to holistically looking at your company and your employees' needs. Both technically, but also physically. At BM, we know that this is best achieved by a virtualized workflow, based on Citrix and Azure.

We believe that employees should be able to work anywhere and anytime, and if possible, not be tied to a specific piece of hardware.

BM is a certified Citrix Partner and has the highest specialist level in virtualization of applications, desktops and network services.

Modern Workspace  Services

The journey to Azure

We hold a workshop where we review your environment and together, we create a roadmap in headlines about what the journey to Azure might look like. All with your workloads and Azure services as a starting point.

Citrix Cloud Workspace

Based on an initial analysis, we build a Citrix Cloud test environment, either in Windows 10 Multi session on Azure, or Windows Server 2019 in your on-prem data center. In the test environment, we include some selected companies and standard applications.

Team optimization in Citrix

For teams to function optimally in a virtualized environment, it must be optimized. We review your current installation and add the settings needed to run Teams. Subsequently, we create a test period to see the benefit of the changes, and finally a plan for a possible further course.

Key Features


Allow your employees to achieve optimal productivity from their homes, co-working spaces, or even while traveling by giving them access to a virtualized work environment powered by Citrix and Azure.

Enhanced security

Virtualized environment offers centralized management and control over access and data, potentially improving security compared to traditional setups.

Proof-of-Concept opportunities

Experience the benefits of a virtualized workspace in your own environment before full implementation, facilitating a faster and more informed decision.

Get started quickly with one of our POC (Proof of Concept) solutions, where we run through a well-tested process, and give you the opportunity to experience all this, in your own environment.

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