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The IT industry, including data centers, has a crucial role to play in creating a sustainable future.

This sector is historically responsible for a significant portion of large companies' energy consumption.

Fortunately, modern data center technology delivers more horsepower with lower power consumption and heat generation. However, most customers are unsure of the exact energy savings from their ongoing server/storage upgrades and only a few know the impact on the company’s CO2 reporting which is becoming a mandatory requirement for all enterprises.

Therefore, BM provides our customers with an enterprise energy monitoring package with the aim of giving them insight into their energy consumption and CO2 footprint, with sufficient data to navigate their future investments in the data center in a green direction, to the benefit of both the company’s CO2 reporting and the environment.

As a company with Nordic roots and a deep respect for the environment, we at BM understand the responsibility and share awareness of this problem, particularly within data centers.

BM Sustainable Data Center

We provide our clients with

Reduced Energy Consumption

We leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize energy use within their data center.

Improved Server Efficiency

We help our clients transition to more efficient server models, allowing them to do more with less energy.

Data-Driven Insights

We help to gain valuable data and insights into data center's energy consumption and CO2 impact, as well as a model to monitor changes during upgrades

By implementing sustainable practices in data centers, we significantly reduce footprint without compromising performance. This collaborative effort requires a shared commitment, which we believe, every company must embrace.

Every individual can make a difference, and we encourage our employees and customers to join us in this effort.

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