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Tracking boats in harbour

Elevate your harbor community's satisfaction with our Harbor Boat Tracking solution. Optimize traffic analysis, ensure boat safety, and manage parking availability effortlessly.

Process & Story

A harbor in Denmark is experiencing growth in its community, with more people and boats becoming residents of the marina. This is causing a rise in activity which the harbour needs to control. However, the current methods for tracking boat movements are limited and manual. The harbor seeks a solution to improve traffic management and meet the expectations of boat owners and visitors as well as expand the community.


Initially, our approach involved the use of smart cameras to track boats and monitor traffic in the harbor. While this provided valuable insights, we faced challenges due to the high cost of implementing a comprehensive camera-based system. After careful consideration and in pursuit of cost-effectiveness, we explored alternative options and introduced Radar Tool technology based on mmWave (millimeter wave) sensors. By leveraging the Radar Toolbox, we found a solution that significantly reduced expenses while still providing valuable data for tracking boat movements and monitoring harbor traffic. Furthermore, we integrated 3D People Tracking technology to ethically monitor visitor presence without relying on expensive thermal cameras. This approach complemented the Radar system perfectly, enabling us to gain real-time data on the number and height of individuals within the territory. mmWave sensors are advanced electronic devices that operate in the millimeter wavelength range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These sensors emit short-wavelength signals that allow for high-resolution sensing and accurate detection of objects, movements, and environmental conditions. One of the key benefits of mmWave sensors is their cost-effectiveness compared to traditional camera-based systems.


The implemented solution has gave us an impressive results for the harbour's management. Through the application of advanced mmWave sensor technology, the harbour now enjoys real-time insights and enhanced capabilities for efficient traffic and boat flow management. The combined use of Radar and 3D People Tracking has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to smart cameras.

Real-time Anomaly Detection

The application excels in detecting potential anomalies, ensuring that ships adhere to correct routes and positions, thereby enhancing safety and security.

Ship Positioning

Ships now commence their journeys from accurate starting points, thanks to the application's precision positioning feature.

Comprehensive Time Series and Stats

The system provides valuable time series data and statistics, enabling the harbor authorities to make informDed decisions based on historical trends and patterns. Speed RegulationThe application enforces speed limits effectively, contributing to safer navigation within the harbor premises.

Traffic Categorization

Boats are categorized based on type, such as sail, motor, soft, among others, allowing for better management of diverse traffic.

User-friendly interface

Real-time boat monitoring

The application displays a live count of boats and offers real-time tracking, ensuring a clear overview of harbor activity.

Interactive trajectory mapping

An interactive map illustrates boat trajectories, providing an intuitive visual representation of vessel movements.

Effortless boat information

Boat-specific details are just a click away, providing instant access to comprehensive information about individual vessels.

Flow insights

The application visualizes the inflow and outflow of tracked objects, granting harbor managers a deeper understanding of traffic dynamics.

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