Businessman and our customers continue to have an increasing focus on sustainability, not least on energy efficiency in the data center, which historically constitutes a large part of large companies’ energy consumption 

Fortunately, modern data center technology is able to deliver more horsepower with relatively lower power consumption and heat generation. However, most customers are unsure of the exact energy savings from their ongoing server/storage upgrades and only a few know the impact on the company’s CO2 reporting which is becoming a mandatory requirement for all enterprises. 

Therefore, Businessmann has developed an energy monitoring package for enterprise customers with the aim of giving our customers insight into their energy consumption and CO2 footprint, with sufficient data to navigate their future investments in the data center in a green direction, to the benefit of both the company’s CO2 reporting and the environment. 

If energy efficiency, power consumption, CO2 footprint and the green agenda are important to your company, contact Dennis Bitsch Larsen (CCO) to hear more about how Businessmann can create a baseline report for your data center, help you with insight and an overview over current energy consumption, as well as a model to monitor changes during upgrades