BM IT Infrastructure Smartsourcing [ITIS] is our category of managed infrastructure services, designed to provide companies with the right IT skills, tools and operational support, and let companies focus on their core business. As your service partner, Businessmann offer predictable budgets, frequent service reporting and continuous technical and operational improvement plans.  

We call it smartsourcing, to avoid being labeled as legacy outsourcing, since we strongly believe in agile and fast-moving business partnerships with our customers, as a better alternative to long-term lock-in contracts. 

The [ITIS] umbrella can be customized, to tap into industry specific requirements, regulatory compliance or company security policies.  

Modern Workspace Management 
With the key purpose of delivering a modern end user experience, our modern workspace management service is based on latest technology and tools from Microsoft, Citrix or Stratodesk.  

This service is designed to offer users to work from anywhere and any device, leveraging both Cloud and On-premises technology and allowing management teams to choose their preferred work methods to increase end user productivity. 

Businessmann offers to co-design the IT client infrastructure to match the exact business needs and budget and take responsibility for rapid workspace deployment and incident response.  

Modern Datacenter Management 
Providing certified infrastructure skills combined with strong operational procedures, companies can choose to smartsource relevant parts of their back-end IT infrastructure. This includes server, storage, network and IoT edge devices which all needs professional deployment, lifecycle management and operational support. 

This service will work across all company locations, for both Cloud and On-premises environments and across a vast portfolio of technologies. 

24-7-365 Support & Monitoring 
For most companies, easy and reliable access to skilled resources around the clock, is business critical. This service is designed to meet that specific need. From our main center of operation in Copenhagen, Denmark, our skilled technicians are ready to take calls 24-7-365 and initiate incident response within the agreed timeframes. Customers can also choose to have proactive monitoring, which enables us to solve critical IT problems before they impact the business.