The BM solution portfolio requires expert knowledge in procurement of technology. Businessmann maintains a strong network of technology partners and continuously invest in our ability to assist customers with procurement and life-cycle management.

Our position in the market as both trusted advisor, solution provider and reseller of technology, gives our customers a unique advantage and put our reputation on the line for every business transaction that we make.

Today, Businessmann is reselling IT infrastructure within a select array of technology areas such as servers, storage, network, HCI, Edge AI, cloud, VDI, virtualization, backup, security, management platforms, client devices and peripherals.

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Green Procurement
In Businessmann, we have a declared objective to maintain a sustainable business, in all senses. This naturally includes products, services and advisory to help our customers to buy and maintain green technology. We require that our manufacturing partners build and deliver their products in sustainable way and that they all have ambitious publicly declared environmental targets. 

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