Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the term for Businessmann’s work in supporting good initiatives and integrating social responsibility into our business activities. Businessman targets all CSR activities for children’s health and well-being.

For more than 13 years we have supported Børnecancerfonden through Team Rynkeby. Each year, approx. 150 children get cancer. Over the past decades, great progress has been made and today three out of four children with cancer are cured.

Børnecancerfondens goal is to cure all the children who get cancer, and we are happy and honored to support such an important cause.

Lassen fra 2017 turen på bagsmæk af servicebilv1
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Henrik Lassen, resting his legs after a hard ride with Team Rynkeby

Every year Team Rynkeby arrange a charity event that supports and raise money for children with cancer. It’s a trip from Denmark to Paris in 8 days cycling 1.400 km in total.

Last year Team Rynkeby donated 71,4 million DKK to organizations that help children with critical illnesses.


As “Klovnesponsor” we support hospitalized children through their illness. Danske Hospitalsklovne spread smiles and joy among hospitalized children and families when it is most needed. They transforms the hospital room into a room full of play and magic and together with the child creates a universe where everything is possible.

The hospitalized child gets a colorful and familiar friend in the hospital clown. A friend who can open the child’s desire to play, but also to talk about thoughts and worries. A safe hand to hold when life hurts.


Businessman supports children’s IT development through Coding Pirates. This is a nationwide organization with local departments that work with children and young people to ensure a safe and relevant learning and introduction to IT.

Children in primary school have limited opportunities to acquire personal, social, and professional competences within general IT and IT security. Where the primary school and other offers stops, Coding Pirates starts, which is a voluntary association with the aim of increasing children’s IT skills.

Every week, the many volunteer IT instructors work to facilitate creative play and learning trough IT.  The children will face a secure future with increased IT security skills and perhaps even a curiosity to continue working with IT.