The proliferation of Edge devices in all industries, introduces both new opportunities and new challenges for companies. Opportunity to gain business advantages based on latest technology, but also challenges in acquiring the competencies to develop, build and run state-of-the-art technology in business operations. 

The [AIEM] offering is designed to support companies with both parts! Partnering with us will give your company access to our AI development team, who will guide your team through to a process that identifies where AI Edge solutions will improve your business and outlines the roadmap to get from MVP to prototype to production. This includes the software development, the Edge hardware, and the management platform to establish and maintain control of the entire Edge device estate. 

As a highly secure and fully managed platform, based on latest groundbreaking AI technology from Nvidia, the [AIEM] offering is relevant for all industries and operations scenarios where live data streams needs to be generated, processed, and applied in real-time, all at the Edge across your business locations.